Fact Finding Report on Rohingya Refugees

In light of the orders passed by the court a team of lawyers and social activists had gone to various Rohingya Settlements in the country to check whether the government was providing the services that it was required to have by the directives of the court. Over the course of three days spanning (February 21st, February 24th and February 27th 2018), four representatives from the Human Rights Law Network visited 11 refugee camps in Delhi, Mewat, and Faridabad: Advocate Deepak Kumar Singh, Senior Researcher Zahra Andalucia Wynne, Intern Oisin Galvin, Intern Mahima Duggal, and Communications Intern Harish PM. Advocate Fazal Abdali, a refugee rights lawyer who works with HRLN, was also present in the visits to the Delhi camps. The team was accompanied by various NGO and community actors at differing points during the research mission, such as representatives from the Zakat Foundation and Don Bosco, and community leaders and prominent figures in the Rohingya camps such as Jaffar Ullah.

11 camps in total were visited across Delhi, Mewat, and Faridabad, which were as follows: Kalindi Kunj and Shaheen Bagh in Delhi; Shahpur Nangli I, Shahpur Nangli II, Ward No. 7, Chandini I, Chandini II and Chandini III in Mewat; and Budhena, Mujheri and Mirzapur in Faridabad. The research team spent one day in each respective area, thus totaling a three day research fact finding.