Fact-finding report: Seeking justice for the baby that was declared dead twice in two days

The case of Shanti Devi v Safdarjung Hospital, which has been ongoing since late October 2017, continued in the High Court of Delhi with this positive order that HRLN recently received, where Justice Vibhu Bakhru reprimanded the respondents for their appalling healthcare standards which ultimately led to the death of an infant. The case made national news when it emerged that hospital staff handed over the supposedly dead infant to the family in an envelope. It was only when the family were about to perform last rites that they noticed the envelope moving – the infant was alive. He was later readmitted to hospital but subsequently died. After the death hit the news, a fact-finding team from HLRN visited Bisaspur camp in the city to ascertain the facts around the disturbing death of Shanti and Rohit’s baby.