Harmonizing Laws with the UNCRPD

Edited By Dr. Amita Dhanda, Rajive Raturi In order to assist the Indian Government to fulfill these obligations under the UN CRPD, a coalition of the Human Rights Law Network, National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and the Deaf Way Foundation initiated a series of consultations with disabled people and their organizations on the changes required in Indian laws to fulfill the CRPD mandate. In order to facilitate focused discussion, the Coalition commissioned concept papers on the changes required in the existing Indian laws to fulfil the requirements of the CRPD. To ensure that the particular concerns of any disabled group do not fall within the cracks, the concept papers looked at law reform from the perspective of different disabilities. Thus, the concept papers addressed the concerns of persons with visual impairment; persons with orthopedic impairments; persons with intellectual and developmental impairments; persons living with mental illness and persons with hearing impairment( copies annexed). Each of the concept papers were at first discussed at a meeting of the particular disability group and were subsequently deliberated upon at a cross disability consultation.