Legal Awareness on Trafficking, Human SMuggling, Gender Based Violence, Child Labour, Child Marriage and Education - Hyderabad

Socio-Legal Information Centre conducted 18 legal awareness sessions from the 8thof October 2018 to the 12thof October 2018, in Rohingya settlements which, attended by 920 individuals.

Through the sessions one of the major conclusions was that there is a dire need for regular training of the community as a whole, on the Sexual Gender-based Violence (SGBV), Education of Children and their needs. The training conducted should involve the members from the whole community and not just identified volunteers.

There also is a need for follow up sessions with the communities on the Rights and Duties of Refugees in India. The follow up sessions should be of such a manner that they also document the violence that occurs against women in the communities. There needs to be regular and timely sessions that are to be taken to make persons aware of the rights of women and children, along with monitoring the impact the sessions have had on the community

There have also been cases of trafficking and human smuggling that have been reported by both the community members and the newspapers. As the sessions were being taken it became evident that the community was unaware of the legal protection accorded to persons who have been trafficked and the procedure to report the same. Being refugees there stemmed from the valid fear whether the trafficked persons would be deported as and when the complaint would be made to the concerned authority.