Out of School Children

Nomadic and Denotified tribes constitute approximately 10% of Indian population1. Having left out of both the schedules, made under constitution, these communities have remained far from progress and development. With plethora of reports and recommendations made by government constituted commissions, fate of these communities has been testing dirt in the same cupboard where these reports are decaying in government offices. Half of these communities, termed as Vimochit or Vimukt, were branded as criminals by birth. How they became criminals by birth is yet another horrific story, which has been said and, we will reiterate it in cohesive and complete manner, soon. However it would be necessary to understand synopsis of it to understand this report better. A legislation enacted especially for this purpose ensured their prolonged incarnation in open settlement, the law held field till 31st August 1952. On its repeal these communities were set at liberty, forcefully. From the places, where they had spent decades, they were whacked out practically without any documentation or rehabilitation. People who left these places then are, still migrating from places to places, in search of food and work. Some could settle down in forest lands, rest are still looking for a piece of peace. The Law may have gone, but their persecution continues unabated. Bombay Police Act Section 122 provides for arrest of a person found suspiciously post sunset, a shallow research will show that this provision has been used only and mostly against these communities. There are lot more things, actions and inactions, which have prevented children from these communities to partake education. However to name one; they have a strong belief that having a name in a FIR or in any police station bars them from any employment, and thus education is wastage of time.