"India can not create stateless people within the state": Colin Gonsalves

In this video, "HRLN founder Colin Gonsalves on NRC" Colin Gonsalves speaks on the issue of NRC. He says India can't create another stateless people for four hundred thousand people. He further says, "......... If economic migrants are terrorists, I think Indian must become biggest terrorist. Because we have gone to every country in this world in large numbers. Much more than four hundred thousand. Million of Indian had gone to UK, gone here, gone Europe, gone Thailand, New Zealand. Because economic migrants are all over the world. No body called us terrorists so on, enemy invasion,an Indian enemy invasion. So we must do to others as they have done to us". See the full interview of Colin Gonsalves on this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xDvUMSpgcg&feature=youtu.be