PIL filed for the Maintenance of Medical Infrastructure


Umda Devi vs. Union of India The CD-4 machine is a vital component and instrumental in ascertaining the level of HIV+ infection of a PLHA. Depending upon the report of CD-4 count the line of treatment of the PLHA is decided and the drugs are given accordingly. Further, CD-4 count of every PLHA on ART is mandatorily taken once in every six months. Moreover, if proper drug is not given or in absence of proper line of treatment to PLHA, there is every possibility that the PLHA’s body will develop resistance against the line of treatment or drug. The ART centers at the Anugrah Narayan Medical Hosptal in Gaya is not providing treatment to the more than 5000 PLHA registered. patients are being returned without medicine as the CD-4 machine is non-functional from more than one and a half year due to absence of a lab technician. This is a regular problem with the CD-4 machine at the said ART center and earlier also several times the CD-4 machine at the ART Center had been non –functional due some problem or other. Status-Impact During the pendency of the PIL a technician was deputed and The case has been disposed by directing the Authorities to make a full time appointment & to ensure regular working of the ART center.