The Gujarat Unit of HRLN was started in 2016 with focus on Dalit Atrocities and rights of persons with disability issues. The unit holds programs to sensitise the police on the problems of marginalised communities along with holding consultations with people of the the dalit, tribal, Muslim communities and disabled persons.

Main Concerns

1. Women’s Justice: Sexual harassment of women, Matrimonial Disputes i.e Domestic Violence Against Women.

2. Communal violence: Use of law to prevent incidents of communal violence, ensure victims get the justice they deserve, and the perpetrators get punished.

3. Environmental Justice: Displacement and livelihood issues arising from environmental destruction, particularly its impact on marginalized communities.

4. Criminal Justice: Providing legal aid to illegal detention, person wrongly booked under PASA Act.

5. Disability Rights: Accessibility for person with disabilities in the built environment, discrimination in employment and housing rights for persons with disabilities.

6. Minority and Dalit Rights: Legal support for members of the community who face discrimination, persecution.