Shanno Khan

Acid attack survivor recieves compensation of Rs 5 Lakhs, free medical treatment and Rs 3 Lakh as Reimbursement

Rupalee Vs State of M.P., W.P. No. 22615/2018 | High Court of Indore | Status: Pending | |

Acid Victim Survivour is a professional dancer and is working as Choreographer in dance academy Indore (MP) and will be going to America on 19 Feb 2019 for Internatioonal dance performance at UPHAR charity show, Accused Sonu Senwas was stalking her for last 5 years and was pressurizing her to marry with him. She had clearly refused to marry with him out of the rage accused on 18/09'18 Sonu Senwas called her to meet him and when she came he throw the acid on her face and he ran away. she instantly lost her vision and continuously washed her face with water which saved her face from acid burn immediately she was admitted to Aurbindo hospital to Indore.

The police had made Dehati Nalshi at hospital and an FIR No. 18 in section 341, 326A, 294 of IPC was registered on the same day. After incident of 3 days Advocate Shanno khan represent DLSA but, there is no response that's why we filed a petition to Indore high court.

According to the judgement by the honorable Supreme Court in Laxmi Vs UoI

“The State Governments/Union Territories should seriously discuss and take up the matter with all the private hospitals in their respective State/Union Territory to the effect that the private hospitals should not refuse treatment to victims of acid attack and that full treatment should be provided to such victims including medicines, food, bedding and reconstructive surgeries. In the event of any specific complaint against any private hospital or government hospital, the acid attack victim will, of course, be at liberty to take further action"

According to Laxmi v Union of India, (2014) 4 SCC 427, the minimum Compensation of Rs, 300000 per Acid attack victim is not been fixed in same of the state.

After we filed the petition Victim got a compensation of Rs. 5,00,000. In Indore she went to the hospital 5 to 6 times in Indore but no such treatment was available.  Therefore, for the treatment of her eye she went to L.V, Prasad Eye Institute Hyderabad, due to her loss in eye sight she always went with her spouse from flight to Hyderabad.   Aprprox. Rs. 3,00,000 reimbersment of the transport and medical also provided after the application given to the High Court. Her left eye is artificial and right eye provides her with only 10% visibility after the medical treatment and treatment is still going on.

Due to this recent pandemic of Corona Virus, the cost of traveling is increased, and she has not been able to go to Hyderabad for further treatment. That, the victim initially got her treatment started in Vinayak National Hospital, Indore. Even during the lockdown, she went to Vinayak National Hospital to get treated. In this hospital, the victim was advised by the Doctor for an operation. As suggested by Doctor the cost of the treatment would be 75,000. He said  “The victim has diminution of vision due to history of acid attack 15 months back. She has gone through multiple eye surgeries in form of AMT/SLET. Another repeat surgery is needed in the left eye as allogenic stem cell transplant along with amniotic membrane transplant. Thereafter, corneal transplant (DALK/OPK) will be needed. Although it is very clear that the prognosis is poor and further repeat surgery might be required. Prognosis and chance of failure are explained to the patient. The surgery is required as soon as possible.”

The acid attack victim needs of sum of Rs. 75,000 approximately for eye Surgery for this application given to High Court of Indore and Hon'ble Court has passed the  favourable order on 04/09/2020.