HRLN has filed a PIL to Provide the Mental treatment for Prisoner's who are suffering from Mental illness

Public Interest Litigation No. of 2011 Snehi V/S Government of NCT & ORS. The Petitioner has filed a Petition on behalf of all the prisoners who suffer from mental health issues against Government of NCT & Ors under Article 226 of the Constitution of India seeking directions to the Respondents to amend the guidelines on the treatment of prisoners with mental health passed on 9.3.11 in Writ Petition (Crl.) No.3358 of 2010 by the order of this Hon'ble Court. This petition has been filed to benefit those persons who suffer from a mental illness and are currently incarcerated. The inmates in need of treatment and care are not in a position to access the court themselves due to their confinement coupled with the fact that many are not mentally well enough to formulate such a petition themselves or obtain legal help. It is, therefore, humbly prayed that this Hon'ble Court may graciously be pleased to: - For an order directing the Respondents to change the existing guidelines according to the suggestions of the Petitioner. - For an order directing the Respondents to implement the said amended guidelines. - For an order issuing directions to the Respondents to ensure all necessary infrastructure and legal entitlements are provided in the hospitals and prisons regarding the requirements for appropriate staffing, food, medical care and hygiene. - For an order constituting a permanent committee consisting of representatives of persons working on mental health and prison policies to monitor the functioning of Delhi jails and provide periodic reports. - For an order directing Respondents to set up of a Review Board, to act as an independent check that prisoners with mental health issues are being treated in accordance with their human rights and to provide legal aid to those that are mistreated.