Maintenance awarded in the case of estrangement


Rahmathunnissa and Akila Vs Koya.K Background Rahmathunnissa, 42 years old Koradan House, Lekki Hill Meppadi is the wife of Koya.K, 52 years old S/o Abu, Rippon P.O, Meppadi, Wayanad and Akila 16 years old is the daughter of Koya. Rahmathunnissa was married to Koya on 16-7-1995 at Meppady and Akila is the daughter born to them. On 27-11-2014 Koya left Rahmathunnissa and Akila and since then he has not provided anything for the their maintenance or education of Akila. Rahmathunnissa has been looking after Akila borrrowing money from others and seeking support of her brothers and relatives and friends. Meanwhile Koya has sold his six room rented house and 20 cents of land without giving any money to Rahmathunnissa and Akila. He has a Coffeee mill and a Fancy store. Koya had made some attempts to drive Rahmathunnissa and Akila from the house they live in. It was in this situation the petitioners approached HRLN. After providing them legal counseling a Maintenance case was filed before the family Court, Kalpetta on 29-6-2016. Status The court ordered Maintenance to be paid to the petitioners at Rs. 2000 per month for first petitioner and Rs. 5000 per month for the second petitioner.