Non-implementation of Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) guidelines in Lower Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh


Smti Amisa Meme Vs State of Arunachal Pradesh & ors [WP(C) No. 428(AP) 2015] In the Gauhati High Court, Permanent Branch Itanagar SYNOPSIS Smti Amisa Meme Vs State of Arunachal Pradesh, the petitioner is beneficiaries of Iduli PHC of Lower Dibang Valley District in Arunachal Pradesh who are incapable of accessing the schemes bestowed to them by the centre government and state government. The PHC Iduli is finding difficult to assisting proper medical care for pregnant women and also for the regular health issues. The infrastructure of Iduli PHC is very poor, the walls and windows of the building is all broken. The labour room is situated under the bathroom and toilet is just close by. None of the pregnant women comes for delivery in this PHC. The patients have to travel far of places for any major or minor sickness. Here most of the women prefer to have home delivery insisted of institutional deliveries. Even if patients visit nearby district hospital, they have been referred to Assam in such case Dibrugarh, Tinsukia or Chapakhowa is the nearest of all in compare to other states. Such an arrangement leaves the life of woman and child at the mercy of God. The PHC does have any proper service and the equipment as per IPHS standard. Under the building will find no proper arrangement of things. The Iduli PHC is present running on girl’s hostel building of education department, as a result of which the requisite facilities could not be facilitated in the centre. there is no separate ambulance sanctioned against the Iduli PHC. None of the women have done their investigation in Iduli village because there is no availability of machines. Very sadly no private clinic or pharmacies can be seen. Therefore the pregnant women are completely violated from the guidelines of JSSK and JSY schemes. Under IPHS the PHC should have a building of its own, the road, electricity, water supply and communication facilities which should be available in PHC hospitals. The respondent authority failed to provide basic facilities which come under the government health issues programs which Indian constitution have provided, especially for the maternal health care service. There are many maternity deaths which took place in the village due to failure of basic requirements. STATUS The petitioner Smt Amisa Meme under Wp(c) 428 (AP) 2015 Writ petition has prayed for ensuring health rights of pregnant women/ lactating mother, citing non-implementation of Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) guidelines in Lower Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh. The infrastructure facilities of District Hospital, Primary Health Centers etc as depicted in the writ petitions and the photographs attached in the petition seems to be miserable. Learned counsels appearing on behalf of the state respondents have prayed for further time to obtain necessary instructions. In the interim, the respondent authorities are directed to implement the minimum requirements as per the guidelines of Indian public health standard (IPHS) in the hospitals and health centers without any delay.