Acquisition of land: Petition filed for compensation due to tribals in Kerala


Residents of Njamalamkunnu Colony Vs District Collector Background The residents of Njamalamkunnu colony are Paniyas, an ethnic group, which are included in the list of Scheduled tribes of Kerala. They have been living in the colony for generations and when the state government planned and executed the Karapuzha Irrigation Project their land was acquired for the irrigation project. Since, most of them did not have documents to prove their ownership over the land they were forced to leave their land without getting any compensation. Their plight was highlighted through newspapers and other media platforms and as a result of this 25 Paniya families were promised to give land by the district administration on behalf of the state government. They were given Record of Rights of 0.0810 hectares of land. But they were not shown where the said land is situated nor given the land to them to take possession. So a petition is filed by HRLN to the District Collector to take urgent action: To identify, locate and hand over physical possession of land of 0.0810 hectares to each of the 25 families. Since, the tribals are legally entitled for one acre of land per family, as per Kerala Restriction on transfer by and Restoration of lands to the Scheduled Tribes Act 1999, the balance 80 cents of land to each family be assigned in the same location and adjacent to the 0.0810 hectares of land given as per record of rights and meanwhile, provide the colony members with self-employment opportunities like poultry farming, cow rearing, vegetable cultivation etc., Current Status The District Collector has called for reports from Thasildhar and the ITDP officer.