Reservation for Transgenders in Local Body Election

Meera Parida Vrs State of Odisha and Others- W.P.(C) No. 5772 of 2021 | Orissa High Court | Status: Pending | |

It is quite possible that candidates belonging to Transgender Community could demonstrate these subjective qualities and win elections against candidates from the relatively better-off groups. However, such a scenario cannot be presumed in the case of members of Transgender Community due to abject backwardness of their social and economic status causes a barrier to effective political participation and representation. When it comes to certain level- playing field for the purpose of elections to local bodies, backwardness in the social and economic sense can indeed be one of the criteria for conferring reservation benefits. It must be kept in mind that there is also an inherent difference between nature of benefits that accrue from access to education and employment on one hand and political representation at the grassroots level on the other hand. While access to higher education and public employment increases the likelihood of the socio -economic upliftment of the individual beneficiaries, participation in local self-government is intended as a more immediate measure of empowerment for the community that the elected representative belongs to. 

The PIL has been filed with a prayer seeking 2% reservation for the members of Transgender Community under the “Third Gender” in the local body election