Stay issued on the Demolishment of Tribal Juggies


Rajpur colony Vs. State of Punjab The said petition has been filed by a group who belongs to de-notified tribe from Rajasthan who around 35 years back had migrated to Punjab in search of work. They settled in a town known as Patiala after constructing about 75 Kachi Juggies. They are living in very pathetic condition doing odd jobs. They have been served with the notice to remove their belongings within one month otherwise their house would be demolished. The group is very scared due to the past stigma attached to their community. They were known as a criminal community in the time of British era. They were not ready to be the petitioner and in the circumstances an association had to be formed so that all are saved from the demolishing drive which could happen at any moment. The Petitioner prayed not to demolish the Juggies without providing them with alternative with all basic amenities. Status The court issued a stay order on the demolishment of the Juggies and ordered Status quo to be maintained at the site.