Government Response to COVID 19 - Statewise Government Orders and Judicial Orders

In the wake of COVID 19, there were a number of emergency measures taken by governments both at the state and the centre. It began with state level lockdowns of various individual states culminating into a pan India lockdown on the 25th of March 2020. The slew of orders and the pace at which orders were passed by both the centre and the state, along with a number of judicial orders of both how the courts were to function and immediate relief measures to be provided both from the Supreme Court and the High Court was both innumerable as well asimd boggling.

It is in such a situation that a group of young lawyers decided to collate all the government orders and judgements from courts, segregate the data in such that it can be used immediately, and make it in a format that it can be easily comprehended by people positioned differently.

Though the primary reason began as a process of documentation of the work done by individual states and departments at the centre. As work was being done it was further realised that it could also be done to identify various initiatives taken by state givernments in the positive direction, towards protecting rights of marginalised persons, migrant labourers and various vulnerable communities. Enabling researchers and lawyers to do a comprehensive comparative analysis of how each state has dealt with dealing with the present pandemic and where is it that the courts have been a guiding path in terms of providing a mechanism to ensure a justiciable system is maintained even in situations of pandemic.

Organisations, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and various individuals working on ground would be able to tap into this resource to ensure that the orders passed by their state governemnts and the central givernment is followed through. In cases where issues of non compliance and issues of state apathy is reflected on ground. This would be a valuable resource to ensure the orders are followed and people.have their rights protected.

The following is the link to the drive folder containing orders and details of each order.