Report: National Consultation on Child Rights

rights to discuss and mull over the conflicts and challenges while litigating and while doing advocacy and chalk out strategies for the future plan of action at the national level and local level. The sessions were planned and designed by the facilitators in such a manner that enabled maximum participation and interaction. The first day of the meeting began with a round of introductions from the consultation conveners and participants who are stakeholders working in varied capacities from different parts of India, where they spoke about their work and what were their expectations from the Consultation. Over the next few days the various aspects of where the law was failing children and how to address them through use of Law and Courts were discussed. Various achievements in litigating for child rights were also discussed. The meeting wrapped up on the fourth day where in the final session everyone was asked to jot down what area they would like to work on and in how much time. This helped the conveners to promulgate the Plan of Action.