Till the bitter end- Film on Dalit Atrocities in India - Part 2

A film on the practice of untouchabiity in India. A powerful account of the plight of the 'untouchables', Till the Bitter End exposes daily violence unleashed on Dalits and replicated in each Indian state in different ways. It is a moving narrative of systemic violation of the fundamental rights of Dalits in a society where centuries-old caste prejudices continue determining social. economic and political reality of millions. The hour-long film documents numerous incidents of oppression - through the persona I testimonies of victims, demonstrating how the State and the judiciary are complicit in creating a systematic structure of violence and discrimination that targets Dalit communities. Produced by Harsh Dobhal for HRLN and directed by Shahid Jamal, Till tile Bitter End uncovers the avenues of resistance that have emerged from with- in the depressed classes against upper-caste domination. The role of the police as cohort in sanctioning anti-Dalit violence and the accounts of Dalit students being made socially isolated in institutions of learning make it clear that caste-based discrimination is also prominent amongst a young, urban, educated populace.