Webinar on Discrimination on Caste, Creed and Race

Due to the pandemic situation a lot of Global Issues remain non-attended and these leads to increase in the perils of human lives and lifestyle. The Human Rights Legal Network has been a flag bearer of Human rights advocacy . Owing to the Pandemic of Covid 19 and the restrictions in public gathering, the online platforms have become very important and popular in holding meetings and having public opinions. It is important to address such issues of human rights time and again and therefore due to the pandemic time HRLN has organized a webinar on a topic that is very much prevalent as a peril in the society. The Topic of the meeting was titled as “Floyd is not always Pink”. There is no points for guessing that topic was clearly pertaining to Racism. Racism that is a very deep rooted problem in the society has been a thing to discuss and come out with different solutions to curb out this problem. The meeting started with the moderator greeting every one and introducing everyone to the meeting and the subject.